May it be a backyard BBQ party, birthday, baptism, anniversary, retirement, winter shop party, corporate training or customer appreciation we are always ready to serve an amazing meal that you won’t forget!

What We Need from You

  • Date, location, estimated head count, Eat Time and Menu package choice.
  • Electrical: A strong and reliable electrical source, preferable but not required, 20 Amp 120 AC Non-GFI circuit, within 100ft of BBQ area.
  • Water: A water faucet, within 100ft of BBQ area, if available is always appreciated.
  • Garbage: Either direct us to the location or request a special delivery of a large capacity dumpster for your party. Catering staff members will bus tables and change out garbage can liners throughout the event.

* Tables, chairs and linen will be provided by client. Not the caterer.