Meats and Sides


Only the highest qualities of meats are chosen. Below are some details on the specific meats and cuts that Back 40 BBQ uses.

Baby Back Ribs

Definitely a popular choice due to the extremely tender meat that falls off the bone followed by people’s surprise that no sauces were used during the cooking process.


One the biggest hits with its juicy center and peppercorn crust exterior.


The response is very common with “My pork roasts are never that juicy at home!”


Simply put, is the main staple for nearly every event. It receives rave reviews at each event.


Our salmon is cooked again with a dry rub, butter and lemon. It’s very juicy and flavorful.


This is a huge hit for special occasions and is hand carved just before it hits your plate!


Using the family marinade recipe that has been carried down for generations this definitely is the heavy hitter. The only meat we serve that is seared over briquettes at temperatures over 1500 degrees, the juices are locked in and flavors are tremendous! Those with any doubt or apprehension are quickly transformed into believers.


Au Gratin Scalloped Potato “Smokey Au Gratins”

These spuds are well received. Cheesy and smoky and even kids like it.

Back 40 Baked beans “Crazy Cowboy Beans”

We have received so many compliments about our beans it’s almost embarrassing! (Almost)

Normandy vegetable blend

A healthy alternative including broccoli, cauliflower & baby carrots in a butter & white wine sauce.

Jasmine Rice & green beans

The newest addition to the menu choices comes from my late grandma’s “recipes”. We say “recipe” in quotes since she never cooked from written recipes. Everything was from scratch.

Baked Potato Bar

So simple yet so yummy!

Mac & Cheese

Always a crowd pleaser for little AND big kids.